Trial Results for Feb 4th & 5th AKC Licensed SPO Trial

Reblogging our Feb 4th & 5th, 2017 AKC Licensed Trial Results from our Club Website.

Trinity River Beagle Club

We had a good turnout and good weather and plenty of rabbits for arguably our best trial since starting the club back up.  Many thanks to the great judges who traveled from as far away as Southern Illinois, Houston, and East-central Arkansas to judge for us.  They all did a great job.  And thanks to the Belding women and Oran Payne for taking care of lunch on Saturday.  We have smoked chopped brisket sandwiches, red beans and corn bread and everyone seemed very pleased with the food.

Congratulations to all who won and placed!

13″ Females (21 entries)
Judges: Billy Dry & Joy Dry

1st    Koolhand Cool Blue LoLo Jones
sire: FC Red Barn’s J Bird; dam: FCGDChoptalk Okie Dokie Dottie
Owner: Rob Garland & Chad Nolan; Handler: Charles Lennier
2nd  Quapaw Creek CT Rose
sire: FC Morgan’s Billy B; dam: Shiloh Creek Lilly
Owner/Handler: Tim McGlothlin
3rd   C&C’s…

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Trinity River’s AKC Licensed SPO Trial Feb 4th & 5th 2017

Please see the ad below.  I am very proud of the judges panel and we really appreciate these guys for their willingness to travel this far  Southwest to judge for us and run with us.

We hope to see you all here.  Call or text to the phone numbers in the ad if you have questions.

Ed Belding

PS: The GPS address will not work for our headquarters. They will take you to an admin building in Alvord where we go to rent the facility. Please follow the directions the old fashioned way. Sorry for any inconvenience.




Fun Trial Rescheduled to Saturday December 3rd

For a number of reasons the November 12th date isn’t going to work for our 2-couple pack fun  trial this Fall, so it is rescheduled for Saturday December 3rd.  We will meet at Elm Creek Park in Alvord at 7:30am to take entries and draw the pack running order.

Bring your own drinks, snacks and lunch.   We will do all that in the field.  Entry fees will be $10 per hound or $40 per pack.  We will give awards of some type – ribbons or maybe something a little different.

For those who are unfamiliar with how we do it, in this trial you put a pack of 4 together either with your own dogs or with friends.  This is a fun trial so they don’t have to be AKC registered.  It’s your pack of beagles – we don’t care as long as they are beagles.  If this were an AKC licensed Hunting Test they would have to be AKC registered but it isn’t.

Each pack will either have 15 or 20 minutes once the owner is satisfied his pack is on a hot rabbit.  We will decide between 15 and 20 based on number of packs entered.  If you can’t put together a pack of four you can run a trio.  The only drawback is your trio will only score points if all three are opening and progressing the line.  With a complete pack of 4 at least 3 of the 4 have to opening and progressing the line to score.  Although all 4 have to contribute to the race, the timer will start timing when the first 3 open and move.

The good thing about the way we do this kind of trial is it’s your pack against the bunny, the 20 min clock, and the stop watch.  Your hounds aren’t bothered by the style or speed of strange hounds.  Also, we get to see and admire what other people are running.  You might see something you like.

Placing Hounds from our Oct 2016 AKC SPO Trial

Trinity River appreciates all who came out to enter hounds, watch, judge or help in anyway. We saw some really nice hound-work, reconnected with old friends and made some new ones, and that is the bets part of field trialing if you think about it. I talk about hounds I have seen in the past some, but I have a lot more memories about the people I have meet because of these little hounds. We had people and hounds from Tennessee, Illinois, Louisiana, Oklahoma and our home state of Texas. Enjoyed bar-b-q sandwiches for lunch on Saturday and we meet again for supper that evening at Bono’s just outside of Decatur for steaks, prime-rib, armadillo eggs, grill Jalapeno’s, etc. and bull riding and live music outside if a person felt like taking that in.

We will have our 2nd AKC Licensed SPO trial February 4th and 5th 2017. I hope to see you all there. We will also have a TCP fun trial Saturday November 12th.

15” Females

Judges: Billy Dry & James (Glen) Sharrock

1st: Deablo’s Lucky Charm
Sire: FC C&S’s Big Dog El Deablo; Dam: Adam’s New Harmony Kate
Owner/handler: Tim McGlathlin

2nd: Lau-Mors Cocoa Cookie
Sire: FC Oak Grove’s CoCoa Crisp; Dam: FC GD D&H’s Country Catalina
Owner/handler: Larry Edwards

3rd: Crackerjack’s Lights Out Lizzie
Sire: FC Rapid Run Lil Caddy; Dam: EG’s Sandy Beor
Owner/Handler: Larry Edwards

4th: TJ’s Hardwood Singing Sophie
Sire: FC Morgan’s Billy B; Dam: Edgeman’s Roll On Shelby
Owner/Handler: Johnny Britt

NGQ: Bent Oaks TX Molly
Sire: FC TJ’s Hardwood Country Hacksaw; Dam: Bent Oaks Gay Sadie Mae
Owner: David Belding; Handler: Ed Belding

13” Females
Judges: Jacob Belding & Raymond Rhyne

1st: Sharrock’s Bent Creek Annie
Sire: FCGD Johnston’s L&W Bee Little Cooter Dam: Sharrock Bent Creek Hey Doodah
Owner: James and Ginger Sharrock; Handler: James Sharrock

2nd: Chyna’s Sportin A Sparkle
Sire: FCGD Still’s Wipe Out Super Sport; Dam: Yellow Rock Dark Lilly
Owner/Handler: JoDan Shelton

3rd: QuaPaw Creek CT Rose
Sire: FC Morgan’s Billy B; Dam: Shiloh Creek Lilly
Owner/Handler: Tim McGlothlin

4th: QuaPaw Creek Cuttin Up Bell
Sire: FC S&S Buckshot Cuttin’ Up; Dam: Eagle Creek Everytime Josey
Owner/Handler: Jerry Cook

NBQ: Sharrocks Bent Creek Jolene
Sire: FC GD Johnston’s L&W Bee Little Cooter; Dam: Sharrock’s Bent Creek Hey Doodah
Owner: James & Ginger Sharrock; Handler: James Sharrock

13” Males
Judges: Ed Belding & Terry Jones

1st: Jumpshot Fadeaway Jay
Sire: FC Cluse’s lil Cry-Boy; Dam: Matt’s Running Cricket
Owner/Handler: Brandon Mouton

2nd: Hardmonies Ringo
Sire: FC TJ’s Hardwood Country Cowboy; Dam: Hardmonies Genuine Risk
Owner: Terry Brooks; Handler: Billy Dry

3rd: Smith’s Cohey Creek Cadalac Jessie
Sire: FC Narron’s Cadolac Jack; Dam: C and S’s Dirty Gertie
Owner/Handler: Troy Barber

4th: Carter Creek Jus Squeeze This
Sire: FC Randomshot’s Driving Pee Wee; Dam: FCGD Gilkey’s Dazale Razle
Owner/Handler: Leonard Bonds

NBQ: KD’s Sureshot Boss Man
Sire: Spring Creek Once In a BlueMoon; Dam: Doe Creeks Red Barns Whirly Turvey
Owner/Handler: Kevin Davis

15” Males
Judges: Bobby Fisher & Brandon Mouton

1st: Parish’s Little Mo
Sire: FCGD Parish’s Mo-Jo; Dam: D & H Country Cat Jackie T
Owner/Handler: Tim McGlathlin

2nd: Crossfire Trails Maverick
Sire: FCGD T.J. Hardwood Country Cowboy; Dam: F-N-F’s Abby
Owner/Handler: Billy Dry

3rd: CW’s Big Time Hi-Fi
Sire: FCGD Fast Tracks Liquid Smoke; Dam: FCGD Monley’s Stylish Black Velvet
Owner/Handler: Terry Jones

4th: Crossfire Trails Goin Big Time
Sire: FCGD Gilkey’s Mr Buckshot; Dam: Country Class Romiars Brown Socks
Owner/Handler: Billy Dry

NBQ: Bonds’ Brody
Sire: FCGD Bedford’s Showtime; Dam: FCGD Darey Does Crème Puff Dolly
Owner/Handler: Leonard Bonds

Febraury 27th SPO Fun Trial

Trinity River Beagle Club

We are going to have a club fun trial Saturday Feb 27th at the grasslands.  We will meet up at Elm Creek Park in Alvord where we meet for our licensed trials.  This will be a combined sex SPO trial with a 13” class and 15” class.  Since we will run males and females together please do not bring females in heat.

We will meet at 8:00 am and take entries, measure the hounds and head to the field.  The entry fee will be $10.  Bring snacks and drinks.  We will use club judges and after placing the hounds in the two classes we will run an absolute brace between the winner of the 15” class and the winner of the 13” class.

Please forward this to any beaglers you know that might be interested.  Also, please call the beaglers who don’t use email.

Thanks and see you Saturday…

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TKO Them Cottontails by Paul Belding

This is an obvious reprint or copy from The Small Pack Option Magazine from October 1996.  I stumbled across it while looking through old magazines last night.  The SPO Magazine is no longer in print.  Instead of retyping the story and making it appear as an original I will use copies of the text from the magazine. I hope by reading it you get to know Dad and his love of friends and beagles just a little.

I believe this was the first time Dad made the trip with Tommy Sullivan to Kansas.  I eventually got to go with them on two trips.  On one trip we killed lots of rabbits and lots of pheasants, but the key to the pheasants was Tony Zimmerman and his excellent Labs.  Like Dad mentioned in the article I had no idea how Labs worked on upland game birds.  They were very impressive and we used up lots of shells to each get our limit of birds.  The next trip we used the same Labs to duck hunt and what a day we had.  A picture from that duck hunt is in another Kansas story posted on this blog.  The common denominators in all these trips were good rabbit hunting good dog work, but more than that really great people and fellowship with great friends.


Results from our October 17th & 18th AKC Licensed Trial

Trinity River Beagle Club

We appreciate all the people that came out. Many drove a long way to get here. We had people from Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and of course Texas. It was hot and dry and that provided a tough test for the hounds and judges. As luck would have it we got about 5 inches of rain at the running grounds during the next week which helped scenting conditions a lot. In spite of the the conditions the winner’s packs I saw did a good job. Thanks again to the judges who all did a fine job.  And thanks to Russel Feed for supplying dog food to the winners.

15″ Males

Judges: Charles Lannier and Billy Foster

1st: TJ’s hardwood Hacksaw O/H: Terry Jones

Sire: FC Wilham’s Country Cat; Dam: DT’s Poison Ivy

2nd: Fails Jimbo O/H: Billy and Joy Dry

Sire: Fails Osama; Dam: FC Ghost Creek…

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