Adding Another Dog Run On The Cheap.

I needed to add another run and room for one or two more hounds but I wasn’t willing to spend hundreds to get it done right now.  So I put my redneck on and looked around at material I had available and what I would need to buy.

The first issue was deciding where to put the new run.  My kennel building as three 4×8 concrete runs on the North side, one 4 x 14 concrete run on south side, a 4×6 off the ground whelping pen on the South side and another 4×6 whelping pen on the East side.  The West side is the entrance to the kennel building and wasn’t an option.  I decided to add a new run on the South side between the existing 4×14 run and the whelping pen.  The challenge here is that I have concrete extended about 18″ along the 14′ length.  I either needed to pour more concrete or find another solution.

I considered setting some old pressure treated 4×4 posts as a perimeter and then shovel in river rock I have in abundance from some very old kennel runs I had in the 90’s.  But I decided to re-purpose some old red clay colored concrete blocks that were once part of a good sized patio and have since been here and there for many different smaller projects.  I did a little bit of shovel work, but I got lazy quick and decided i could live with an uneven floor for a while and placed two rows of those concrete squares to cover the 14′ length plus a little extra.

I also needed to decide how I was going to fence in the two sides of the new run in a way that is secure but doesn’t look too ghetto.  So I rummaged through the stack of old horse panels that I once used for my old kennels for many years.  When I tore down the old kennels and started from scratch a little over 2 years ago I stacked those old horse panels up and pull a few out from time to time when I need one.  I decided to use part of a horse panel to close in the bottom of the 6 foot long whelping pen but I wanted to do something for the remaining 8 feet that would better match the adjacent 4×14 chain-link run.

I headed to the local lumber company and found a 4×12 chain-link drive gate divided into two 4×6 sections.  I bought it for $99, removed the decorative stuff, and secured the chain-link to the frame a little tighter with the some fencing wire.  Then I stood them on their ends and joined them with brackets to make a 6’x8′ section that finished out the 14′ span from the kennel building to the even with the adjacent 4’x14′ run.  Then I fastened a 4′ wide x 6′ high chain-link gate to the end of the existing run and the end of the re-purposed gate sections to finish the outside of the run.

It is pretty redneck and my wife was more than a little worried as I described to her what I was going to do, but with such low expectations going in she ended up fairly pleased with the result.  Although, I had to promise to come back at a later date and replace the blocks with concrete.  [smile]

At the end of the day I spent $99 for the drive gate and about $8 for a couple of 2x4s to frame out the fencing under the whelping pen.

Please pardon the dirty pens.  I had not washed out the process Diamond dog food when these pictures were taken.



Club Hounds of The Year – Points and Award

Originally posted on Trinity River Beagle Club:

At the conclusion of this year and hopefully each year hereafter Trinity River Beagle Club will award points to hounds and owners based on performance at Club Trials and licensed trials regardless of which club hosts the licensed trial.  We will give an award for the four traditional classes.   This year we will keep it simple. At the end of the year we will evaluate how we determine points for 2016 and beyond.


Hounds will receive points for a win or place in a club fun trial, club TCP trial, or any AKC Licensed trial.  The owner must be a member of the club and places only count if the hound places while the actual owner is a member of the club.  So for example, if I buy a hound that placed in three licensed trials in 2015 before I bought her, those places do not count toward High…

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Finished New Rabbit Hutches

Finished a four pen rabbit hutch today.  It is probably a little over done in some respects.  There is extra head room between the metal roof and the top of the rabbit pens. I plan to use that space to store extra feeders, water bottles, bedding, etc.  I am going to paint all exposed plywood so it will last longer and I may considering adding small light sockets inside the nesting boxes along the top in case I need a little extra heat in bitter cold weather.

My nephew is giving me a male and female San Juan for initial breeding stock but I will need to add two more does and eventually build at least one more set of four hutches to guarantee I have funny bunnies for the starting pen when I have trouble getting or keeping cottontails.

If I ever decide I don’t want to mess with rabbits anymore I can retrofit this pretty easily to use for chickens

Thanks for looking

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New Video Posted

Check out the Video section to see Rainman, Sally, and Zee running a bunny up and down the face of a bluff with a nice view of the Wise County countryside in the background.  Annie (unstarted young dog in the video)  is along for the ride as she tries to figure out her purpose in life.  Its to run rabbits of course but she hasn’t quite figured it out yet.  The starting pen will fix that.

The Starting Pen is Almost Done

I haven’t posted anything in a while.  I have been busy getting ready for Trinity River’s AKC Licensed Field Trial; officiating football; working as a technician in the replay booth and TCU; working a fulltime job; attending Northside Baptist Church and helping with our men’s ministry; assisting my bride with the care and nurturing of our youngest grandson; attending peewee football games to watch my older grandchildren perform and play; running dogs when time permits; and somewhere in the midst of that and the rest of life’s demands, working on this starting pen.

I am close now.  I have the apron fence up on three sides and one of three gates done and I hope to be finished by Sunday November 2nd.  Here are some pictures that show progress over time since my last post.

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